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You are encouraged to run this software locally in your computer. It's easy to install.

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Portfolio NAV tracking  
Better performance tracking

NAV is particularly important when #stackingsats - it tracks performance relative to current capital allocated.

A portfolio going from $100 to $200 may seem like it 2x but the performance really depends wether capital was invested or divested during this period. NAV adjusts for cash inflows and outflows.

Double Entry Accounting  
Better cost basis monitoring

Cryptoblotter is structured so most trades are included in pairs.

This is similar to accounting entries where credits and debits are included as separate entries. This is helpful so you can track your positions (assets) and your cash flows. By doing this, it's easier to see how much fiat was deployed. It's particularly helpful in determining your historical average cost.

Open Source Code  
Transparency & Privacy

The source code is full open source for review and modifications (personal use only).

You are actually encouraged to run the code locally in your computer to reduce the risk of data mining of your information.