CSV File Format

The template below summarizes the expected file format for .csv files being imported into a portfolio.

A sample csv file can be downloaded here.

Although transactions can be included on a one-by-one basis throught the transactions page, we recommend importing .csv files for bulk importing.

Please make sure your file matches the expected format below.

Numbers should be formated without thousand separators (comma) and with decimals after a dot. Make sure the numbers have the needed decimal places. Specially for quantities.

Fist line in the CSV file will not be imported - it will be assumed it includes the column names.

IMPORTANT: CryptoBlotter can record CASH AND ASSET trades in pairs. Which means that a trade included through the transactions page could include 2 lines in the database:

Line 1: The Buy or Sell transaction. Ex: Bought 1 BTC at Coinbase for $5,000
Line 2: The matching deposit or withdraw from a cash account. Ex: Witdrew $5,000 from Bank XYZ

Transactions can be matched to each other through the trade_reference_id field. Which means that two matched transactions will have the same trade_reference_id. The transactions should also be imported in sequential lines. See below for a sample paired transaction and how it was included in the database:

Timestamp, Account, Operator, Asset, Quantity, Price, Fee, Cash_Value, Notes, trade_reference_id

Field Details


format: mm/dd/yy (optional: mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss). Ex: 01/27/2015


Account Name where the transaction took place. Ex: Coinbase Please note that accounts will be automatically imported into the account list.


B: Buy, S: Sell, D: Deposit, W: Withdraw


Ticker for the traded asset. Example: BTC. For cash transactions the ticker should be USD.


Quantity of coins being traded (ex: 1.0000293). For USD transactions, it should be the dollar ammount. (ex: 3500)


Price of buy or sell (ex: 2500). For USD transactions, price is always equal to 1.


Transaction fees in currency. Ex: 200.

Cash Value

The amount in fiat of the current transaction. If none provided it will default to (price x quantity) + fees

Trade Notes

Any notes regarding this transaction. Text open field.


Trade identifier - can be a duplicate if matching trades (Buy with Withdraw, Sell with Deposit).